The Academy, assisted by the social media groups dedicated to INCREA (access through the footer icons) and powered by the resources made accessible through the website, serves as an online active community for facilitating the adoption of the INCREA education programme and resources and for sharing knowledge and experiences in the wider area of Migratory.

The INCREA Academy provides through the repository a collection of free online resources for immigrants and stakeholders to be in position to:

  • Identify the required skills to enhance their role within European societies;
  • Apply proven practices for entrepreneurship in creative industries.

Request Assistance

You can submit your issues/questions to the INCREA community using our ticket manager. Log in or register if submitting an issue for the first time. Please follow the instructions on how to fill in all the information and provide as many details as possible. Depending on the nature of the query, specify which area it concerns from the options of Curriculum, Workshop, Game, Results and Website.

We do our best to respond to all issues within 48 hours.

Live Help

To arrange for real time online help for your problem or for assistance during the execution of your workshop, please create a ticket using the ticket manager at least 5 days before in order to allow adequate time for organising the online help session.

Community Experts

Use the GET IN TOUCH section of the HOME page to contact us and based on your message one of the experts of the INCREA community will contact you.

Stay With Us

Keep up to date by following us on the social media and make sure to inform the community of your experiences with the INCREA resources and tools.

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