Our Kick-off Meeting in Brussels

Our first meeting of INCREA project partners took place in Brussels, Belgium from 17th to 18th of September 2017. All partners had the chance to introduce their organizations, summarize the outputs of the project and discuss about the first steps to success! The meeting was fruitful and the team is on its way to achieve their project main goal.

Our 1st Multiplier Event is ON!

On June 4th, Crystal Clear Soft (CCS) will host “Migrants and Creative Businesses: A Survey on Skill Gaps and Training Needs”, a one-day Multiplier Event in Athens, Greece in order to present the results of the first Intellectual Output on the development of INCREA, a project that aims to help integrate migrants and refugees into European society within the KA2 of the Erasmus + programme.

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2nd Project Meeting in Athens

The second project meeting took place in Athens. Greece from 24 to 25 May 2018. The project team has examined the results achieved in the first Intellectual Output with reference to the identification of skills and gaps of target migrants related to language, entrepreneurial and digital skills applied in the creative sector. Also, a draft of the learning material to be created in the context of Intellectual Output 2 was presented, while all partners discussed about the Learning Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) to be held in Matera, Italy in July 2019. During the second day of the meeting, all partners had the chance to exchange ideas on the training course with relevant stakeholders. The meeting was really successful and the consortium is on the way to the development of the learning material!

Our first Multiplier event is OVER and yet very successful!

The first Multiplier Event held in Athens in June 2018 was really fruitful as we had the chance to get valuable feedback directly from our target group, while it motivated every participant to be highly involved in our next steps!

Bringing our project objectives together with our target audience’s different needs respecting their personal background is what makes our project innovative.

I was waiting for such a great opportunity and i’m really glad that Europe takes such initiatives‘ was one of the most stimulating comments we heard during this event.

Thank you all for your participation and we really hope to see you again!



Our third transnational meeting in Reus

The third partnership meeting was held in DomSpain’s premises in Reus, Spain from 24 to 25 January 2019. All partners were exposed to the project results mainly including the INCREA Training Courses (IO2) and Serious Game (IO4). An internal testing was organized during the meeting and all participants had the opportunity to discuss about any improvements related to the learning materials produced. Everyone was thrilled about the INCREA Serious Game and enjoyed the discussion around it!


The 2nd Multiplier Event is coming!

On April 9th, DomSpain Consulting will host “From Migrant to Creative Entrepreneur”, a one-day Multiplier Event in Reus, Spain in order to present the results of the second Intellectual Output together with a brief introduction to Intellectual Output 3, towards INCREA’s main objective: helping migrants and refugees integrate into European society within the KA2 of the Erasmus + programme.

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Our second Multiplier Event in Reus is OVER! Join our project now to meet the team!

The second Multiplier event was held in Reus in April 2019 aiming to trigger a discussion within different target groups (migrants, partners, stakeholders) related to the project learning materials and solutions.

All participants were introduced to the INCREA training courses and the Serious Game as well as the ‘From migrant to creative entrepreneur’ manual.

During the event, all project materials were actually implementing, giving participants the opportunity to validate and evaluate the results. Their active involvement motivated them even more to further participate in the project after its completion!

Thank you all for your participation and we really hope to see you again!

Local workshops tailored to migrants' needs!

In order to validate the project results, the consortium organized local workshops inviting participants from the direct project target group (migrants, refugees) to receive valuable feedback before the Learning, Teaching and Training Activity to be organized in Matera, Italy in July 2019. Their feedback will be discussed among partners and stakeholders in order to proceed to further improvements before the final release.

Our Learning, Teaching and Training Activity had a great success!

The LTTA was held in Matera, Italy from 15 to 17 July 2019 giving all partners the opportunity to engage other trainers and stakeholders interested in generating awareness about the project exploitable results. 29 participants in total provided and received training during our 3-day activity, through interactive workshops and presentations in order to be able to train others in the future. All participants had the chance to brainstorm upon the results and recommend improvements that ensure an even higher impact on the target groups.
During the last day of the activity, Materahub took the initiative to record a video with all partners describing their INCREA experience! Our video is already in YouTube!!!

Book your place for the INCREA Final Conference!

In the 26th of July 2019, MATERAHUB will host the ‘From migrants to Creators’ multiplier event in Matera, Italy in order to promote the exploitable results of the project with the aim of increasing the impact of the project in local and European societies. All project outcomes will be presented towards INCREA’s main objective.

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What a Multiplier Event!

Our third and final multiplier event had a great success, whilst MATERAHUB managed to involve more than 40 participants representing both the direct (migrants, refugees) and indirect (stakeholders, adult educators, social workers) target group.

All participants were exposed to the INCREA project results, including all Intellectual Outpus, with a focus on the results that can be exploited after the project completion.

The event had a more hands-on character, as the host organization with the contribution of the trainers involved in the project, organized workshops where all participants had the opportunity to test and implement all the project results.

Thank you all for your participation and we really hope to see you again!

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