Intellectual Output 1: Identification of skill and gaps of target migrants related to: Language Competences, Entrepreneurial spirit/Competences, Digital Basic Skills Applied in Creative/Cultural Sector

IO1/A1: Development of methodology and tools for market research and needs assessment


Three questionnaires especially made for migrants and refugees in order to identify the language, digital and entrepreneurial gap between them and the host countries. This is the most important step to our first output. Available in EN, IT, FR, SI, GR and ES.


Questionnaire on Entrepreneurial Skills

Questionnaire on Language Skills

Questionnaire on Digital Skills


In addition, two questionnaires addressing social workers’ and stakeholders’ point of view about the current situation of migrants in all partner countries are created. Available in EN, IT, FR, SI, GR and ES.


Questionnaire for Social Workers

Questionnaire for stakeholders


IO1/A2: Research in each partner country


Provided the above questionnaires, all partners conducted research in their countries in order to identify the language, digital and entrepreneurial competencies needed by migrants to start a creative business and stakeholders’ opinion on migration. The results are reported by each partner and are available only in EN.

Greece, Belgium, Italy (research by ARNERA), Slovenia, Spain, Italy (research by MateraHub)


IO1/A3: Analysis and reporting


The following report comprises a comparison analysis among the results of all partner countries. Click here to discover the transnational European report with all the outcomes and recommendations.

Transnational Comparison Analysis Report

Intellectual Output 2: Training courses for migrants combining language, entrepreneurial and digital skills learning

IO2/A1: Learning methodology

This is the methodology we built in order to define the objectives of the project and the learning material.

Learning Methodology


Press releases

Multilingual press releases about the project.

Press Release 1:  EN, GR, ES, IT, SI, FR

Press Release 2: EN, GR,ES, IT, SI, FR




The archive of newsletters informing about project progress and important updates from the project or from the wider area of Migratory is available in EN, IT, FR, SI, GR και ES.

Newsletter 1:  EN, GR, IT, SI, ES, FR

Newsletter 2: EN, GR, IT, SI, ES, FR

Newsletter 3: EN, GR, IT, SI, ES, FR

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Project leaflet

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Multiplier events!

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Multiplier event 1 – Athens, June 2018:

Invitation: Available in EN and GR .

Agenda: Available in GR.

Presentations: Available in GR. (Project overview , Results and next steps)

Videos: Available in EN .

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